Is Your Child Abusing You?

Parent Abuse

Parent abuse is an issue that is not widely talked about in America today. What is parent abuse and is there anything parents can do to free themselves from it? When people discuss parent abuse they are usually talking about adult children abusing their elderly parents. Is it possible for parents of teen to be abused by their teens? The answer is yes, in some cases a five foot mother no longer has the ability to physically control her six foot, teenage son. Some parents are actually intimidated by their teen, and are afraid to do anything to upset the youth, for fear of being hurt. Small parents with large children may indeed be in an abusive situation with their teen. If the teen is abusing a parent police involvement may be necessary. As in any abusive relationship parents may be reluctant to call out of fear of what will happen when the police leave. However it is important for parents to seek some type of help. Family and friends outside of the home may need to assist the family until some type of order in the home is established. If necessary, police may need to be called to intervene, before something serious happens, and the choices of the family will be over shadowed by the mandates of the legal system.

Parents Have Options

When parents have lost control of their home to an overgrown child with physycial prowess over them, a plan needs to be developed. This will require sitting down with the teen while he or she is rational. Rules will need to be set, and consequences for violation predetermined by all parties. When a teen is not in the heat of the moment they may be open to ideas about curbing their negative behaviors. One consequence for continued negative behavior may be sending the teen away from home. This may include being taken into the juvenile system for breaking the law and physical assault, or being sent to a troubled teen program or boot camp for trouble teens. Most parents feel like they have failed in child rearing when they are faced with decision of this magnitude. It is important for parents in this situation to realize that they are not alone. There are many families that send their teens away from home every year. These fellow parents of troubled teens can become a strong support group for the family in crisis.

Legal Charges Against Your Teen

A last resort for many parents would be having to call the police and file charges against their teen. This may be the only option available for some parents. If the financial ability of the family doesn’t afford sending the teen to a boarding school or boot camp the parents will need to do what is necessary to protect themselves, as well as the rest of the family. This may require pressing charges against their own child. This decision will obviously be very difficult, but may be necessary to prevent the rest of the family from being harmed. Another important factor to consider is the possibility of the parents hurting the teen, and being arrested for abuse, even though they were acting out of self defense. This would not be fair to the remainder of the family either.

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