Troubled Teen Placement Options

There are a variety of placement options available to a family of a defiant out of control child. We will discuss briefly here the various terms that you have probably heard or read about in your search for help. Private Schools Related to the troubled teen industry, Private Schools are usually a boaring situation that will take an unruly and defiant child and provide them with a safe environment, and an education. There are of course private schools that deal with gifted and eager to learn students also. This site has been developed to assist parents with troubled and defiant youth so the main focus of what is discussed here will be directed to the out of control youth.

The term Alternative School can represent many different types of education opportunities for a non-compliant or defiant youth. The name alternative suggests that the education being sought is something other than traditional education. The types of schools that can fall into this category are as follows: Private Schools Boarding Schools Boot Camps School for Troubled Teen Camp for Troubled Teen Teen Boarding School Christian Boot Camp Boy Boarding Schools Teen Boot Camps Private High School Juvenile Boot Camps Troubled Teen Schools Programs for Troubled Teens Christian Boarding Schools Girl Boarding Schools Alternative Schools

Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools vary in price, length of stay, structure, discipline, religious affiliations, and obviously location. Traditional Boarding Schools are set up to help an ambitious child prepare for a better college placement opportunity. Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are available for youth that need closer supervision and may be a runaway threat. Traditional Boarding Schools will usually not tolerate misbehavior so the majority of youth we deal with will be placed in a more structured Boarding School situation, or specialty school, or boot camp.

The Therapeutic Boarding School is similar to a Troubled Teen Boarding School with the addition of therapy and or counseling. This situation is ideal for a child that has a psychiatric diagnosis in addiction to behavior issues. In many families the parents have sought counseling for their child only to find that their child refuses to go, or will not participate in the session. A therapeutic boarding school works well for this type of child, as the therapist in many schools is with their patients day to day and can see what is going on rather than trying to extract this information from the child.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens are designed to take a teen that is not fitting into a regular school setting. They will usually take a child that is defiant and likely to run away. This type of placement option is more geared to handle a child that has been kicked out of public schools, and is in danger of entering the juvenile system. The structure of this type of school is different from that of a traditional boarding school. The supervision and staff to student ratio is much greater in this type of school as well.