Family Helps

Family Support System

In order for a child to succeed in life they need some type of support system. The family has been the basis for many successful people who admit they wouldn’t have made it without their family. The typical family of a mother and father working side by side has evolved today into many diverse types of families. In an ideal world a father would provide for the family and the mother would take charge of teaching the children. There are successful families that have a mother that works outside of the home and the father is in charge of the household duties and the children. The benefits of having a full time parent in the home are countless. When a child comes home to an empty house they are much more likely to get into trouble, watch inappropriate things on the television, Internet, and fail to do their homework.

The Family Today

Many families today are blended families with children and parents blended from two divorced families. The dynamics of these families are diverse creating a difficult situation for all involved. This situation can be minimized by all parents working together for the benefit of the children. If divorced parents keep communication lines open and work together it is much easier to offer continuity to the children swept up in a divorced situation. Children will easily learn if one parent is easier to manipulate than the other parent. This can create a situation creating a wedge between parents. The child will wait until they are with the “easy” parent to get what they want. If what they want has be denied by the “other” parent things can soon escalate into a major power struggle. When both divorced parents communicate regularly this is less likely to happen. It will, however, require cooperation and a great deal of effort on the part of both parents. Since the parents are divorced and obviously had difficulty agreeing prior to the divorce, this can be difficult.

The Reality

The ideal, and what is real, are widely separated in today’s society. The ideal family may consist of a father and a mother, working together supporting their children in every way they can. The reality is, many families have only one parent. The single parent is required to work a full time job and assume the responsibilities of both mother and father. They will more than likely be out of the home the majority of the time. The children will be left home for many hours alone. The single parent will not be able to attend all of the children’s activities, parent conferences and performances. The divorced parent may be missing in action for many of their child’s activities. Some have moved on to a new family, and are unable or unwilling to spend time with  their biological children. Unfortunate as it seems, it is the reality of what is happening in the world today. Children without a strong enough support system in the home may turn to a street gang to receive the support they are missing at home. This isn’t to say that every boy or girl that joins a gang is the result of poor parenting, or a weak family, simply that this can be a contributing factor.


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