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Divorced Families

Blended families Many families in today’s society are made up of families that come from divorced families. This can create some interesting problems. The problems are magnified when there are children involved. Some families not only have yours, mine, and ours, but a few others also. This can happen when two people have a child […]

Is Your Child Abusing You?

Parent Abuse Parent abuse is an issue that is not widely talked about in America today. What is parent abuse and is there anything parents can do to free themselves from it? When people discuss parent abuse they are usually talking about adult children abusing their elderly parents. Is it possible for parents of teen […]

Stronger Families Make A Stronger America

The Family is the Foundation America is made up of individual people organized together as families. With this in mind it is not a stretch to say that in order to have a stronger country, America needs to strengthen it’s families. This is a difficult task given the current economy and divorce rate of 50%. […]

Family Helps

Family Support System In order for a child to succeed in life they need some type of support system. The family has been the basis for many successful people who admit they wouldn’t have made it without their family. The typical family of a mother and father working side by side has evolved today into […]

Boot Camps for Children

Boot Camps for Children In the past boot camps were only associated with the military. In the last twenty years boot camps have been used in an attempt to help a struggling teen turn their lives around. The method is controversial resulting in the death of some of those enrolled. There are private and public […]